We help you understand

MyHealthStart presents a fresh approach to understanding the confusing world of training and qualifications across the healthcare sector in Australia. No matter who you are or where you’re from, at MyHealthStart, we take you back to the basics of learning.

We make it affordable

We do this because we believe education should be affordable and easy to access, no matter what your current level of education. We also understand, from our experience, that studying for a career whilst getting on with everyday life can be challenging.

Don't make a big commitment

Committing yourself to tens of $1000’s of dollars in university or other training fees can often mean you just never get around to reaching your goal of working in health.

We cover all areas of health

The healthcare sector has many types of jobs available, such as working in aged care or disability support; working in an office or being one of the frontline health care workers who keep hospitals safe, clean and running smoothly.

Each one of these jobs requires differing levels of training and skill, but everyone has to start somewhere - this is the MyHealthStart difference.

Don't be like many others who feel frustrated and unfulfilled in their plain and uneventful jobs.

We give you clarity

MyHealthStart is going to change the way you think about learning and training for that new career in healthcare. If you stick around a while, you’ll learn exactly how you can develop your new career, one qualification at a time and yet still have a choice of different careers along the way.