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MyHealthStart offers direct pathways into these courses:


  • Certificate III/IV in Allied Health Assistance
  • Certificate III Individual Support ( Aged Care )
  • Diploma of Paramedical Science
  • Diploma of Nursing

What Makes MyHealthStart Unique

  • We understand you want a career that is both significant and secure¬†
  • You need to discover what it's like to work in health care
  • The problem is you don't know where to start or you don't think you are smart enough, which makes you feel confused and unsure
  • We believe a career in health should not be out of reach or exclusive
  • We understand what it is like to be stuck in an unfulfilling job, which is why we created MyHealthStart and helped hundreds of people complete the first step, so they know if working in health really is for them - or not

Here's How We Do It

  • Teach you foundational skills to prepare for health care jobs
  • Teach you job specific skills to build your confidence and knowledge
  • Transition you into your next stage of health care study

So apply now. Stop feeling unfulfilled and unaccomplished in your current job and instead, be working in a career that has life long impact and feel the satisfaction of accomplishment you deserve.

What Our Graduates Who Chose to
Continue Their Study Are Saying...

"Went from being a nervous wreck before starting to feeling confident when finished!"


"Just completed my course.....It was an absolute blast....the trainers are so equipped with amazing knowledge"

"...have been blown away by all the support I've been receiving"